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About Superior Edges

We are blade experts and supply band saw blades for everything that needs to be cut.

Technology dictates that everything be cut with carbide tipped blades.  However, because of the costliness of carbide some intelligent compromises must be made.


With 35 years of experience we can fit the right blade for your job and your pocket book.

We sell blades, we don't manufacture blades.  Thus, we can go to market and find he blade that best suits your cutting and financial needs.  We demand strict standards.  We want to pass this on to our customers.

The market is largest in metal and so it is our largest also.  We spend a lot of time matching the customer's metal to the correct blade.  Our customers cut everything from 13" solid round inconel to 1/2" A-36 bar stock.  again, our responsibility is to advise the correct blade.

In recent years we have been servicing a specialty market which is:  providing blades for nail cutting pallet dismantling machines.  If you are in this business or thinking about starting, we might be able to help.  We can also help in getting you started with a new machine.

Call us for any pricing or for any cutting recommendation.

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